Jhaelle B is an American male vocalist, actor and performer from Detroit, MI. He first began to sing before he could even walk and danced before he could run. Once he was on the move he would put on performances for friends and family. At the age of 8 Jhaelle B wrote his first official song titles "I love you". At the age of 16 he wrote, produced and managed his first live performance.

When Jhaelle B turned 17 he enlisted into the US Air Force to both serve his country and fund his dream of being a musician. In 2012 he was afforded the opportunity to tour around the world with theUS Air Force's "Tops in Blue". A military band tailored to performances for military and their family with emphasis to those in remote and deployed locations.  

Now, he is focused on a career singing, writing and composing music that both fits the era while still staying true to his Gospel and R&B roots. Jhaelle B's music is meant to inspire love in others and hope for a brighter future. Though he doesn't consider himself a gospel singer he definitely pulls from his Christian foundation when belting ballads. Truly a performer for all ages.


Photographer: JD Buchanan

Musician: Jhaelle B